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Report: The  Bridgeport, CT Diocesan Synod


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Angela2-330Catholic Women in a "Man's Church":

 Should We Stay or Should We Go?

Angela Bonavoglia will be the guest speaker at the next meeting of VOTF in the Diocese of Bridgeport on Thursday, November 13, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. at the First Congregational Church on the Green, Norwalk.

Ms. Bonavoglia is a former contributing editor of Ms. Her writing has appeared in the Huffington Post, The Nation, the New York Times, Religion Dispatches, the National Catholic Reporter, and many other print and online publications. Her most recent book is Good Catholic Girls:  How Women Are Leading the Fight to Change the Church (2005).

Her presentation will address the promise and the reality of the Church in the age of Pope Francis: How, despite decades of agitation for change, the 2002 birth of VOTF in an anguished time, the disgrace of priest-child sexual abuse worldwide, and a new pope who at first engendered such hope for progress, the Catholic Church today remains what Sister Joan Chittister recently called "a man's church," closed tightly against the exercise of women's agency.

Feminism is abhorred, feminist theology dismissed, advocates for women's ordination excommunicated, and women are damned for exerting moral authority in the most intimate matters in their lives. Where does this leave today's women reformers, and the men who support them? Have we finally reached the end of our ropes?  And if we have, what's next?  Should we stay, or should we go?

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