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** Please see the Diocese Health Check below **
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For Pope Francis: A To-Do List on Women

The Diocesan Synod

Reports from the General Sessions:  Sessions 1/2, Session 3, Session 4, and Session 5.

Link to the 2014 Synod General Sessions page and Listening Sessions page.


International Diocese Health Check

Dear Members,

This Diocese Health Check aims to “grade” a diocese in three areas: the bishop as a pastor, the diocese in its functions, and the diocese in its ministries. In each area, activities are graded on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 indicating there is no visible activity in the area, and 5 indicating “optimal evidence of activity.”

This assessment tool was developed in India by Evangelizing for a More Alert and Aware Church (E-VAAC). Its developers hope that it can be used by dioceses around the world to inform the universal Church. We are among the first in the United States to use it. Because all English speakers will be using the same tool, you will note some unfamiliar examples and spellings, such as “call centre workers” or “seafarers.” Just imagine a substitute.

We are conducting this health check as an affiliate, and will be submitting our results to VOTF-National, which will compile them and submit them back to E-VAAC for the overall review.

Ideally, we hope that in addition to completing the Checkup yourself, you will download and pass copies to those friends or family who are familiar with the Diocese of Bridgeport. The assessment will be most valuable when the sample is broadest.

Please download the 5-page attachment, read it through, noting the grading scale on page 2. Complete pages 3 through 5, then return to page 2 and enter the overall grades for each segment. You may also enter any final comments on page 2. Send your completed form no later than June 5, 2015, to:

191C Main Street
New Canaan, CT  06840

Thank you for your participation in this effort.

Best regards,

Jamie Dance

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